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About Cherise Bonanno

Just a Sweet Tea loving, sunset watching, God loving girl from Houston Texas.  


I started my first business at age 22 making Sofa and loveseats for a local furniture store.  That ended up being a waste of money, but what i did learn was having a business was very difficult.  I realized if I was going to succeed it would be up to me to do it.  So I dove head first back into the business world.  This time I had a storage unit filled with mattresses, an eBay account and a craigslist account and I was good to go.  I find it amazing people actually met me at a storage unit to buy a mattress from me.  Also for some reason I was never scared to meet them there.  This business taught me I could sell anywhere.  


I saved up about 20,000 and set up my first real life Mattress Store at age 24.  Lights were on, mattresses in place, but only one thing... I was the only employee...  This was tough but it taught me I could do anything in business because I had it in me to press towards the goal... Even when I was tired, sick, stressed, bored.. I would still get up every morning and go to work.  


I started opening more stores only to find i could not handle it.  The one thing I was not able to do, was hire people like me and without experience i didn't know how to train people to be like me.  


Almost falling flat on my face I managed to save my first mattresses store and since it was a 1 man show I now had the free time to do what I wanted.  


I dove head first into serving at a local church and loved doing it.  I sang for homeless and also to the elderly.  It was a dream come true to do what I loved; helping people and singing.  I was involved with almost everything at the church in some way.  I made many friends.  One of the best mentor of My life was Kym Hindt.  She taught me how to follow Christ.  Unfortunately, She soon passed away and my world shattered.  I didn't know how to deal with this.  Even though I loved my new life of serving God I thought her death was my red flag to go somewhere else.  


So moved to San Antonio to rescue my Dad's business.  I succeeded with the Business, found and trained new staff for over 2 years... and then ... The internet happened.  I put up a Facebook Post about 9/11 and now, here I am... 

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